Separate family album / Abandoned Chapel, France, 2016.
Located in the communal cemetery, this chapel, which was declared dangerous since it was prone to collapse, was closed several decades ago. It was replaced by a newer, more beautiful structure not far away. On an adjoining altar, a family portrait fallen from the decrepit walls testifies to the last moments of Christ. An imaginary museum which has fallen into oblivion and become scarcely worthy of the pigeons.
Heaven’s doors were closed from inside / Lost Chapel, Italy, 2014.
Small mountain chapel overlooking the city. A quiet and serene place bathed in a celestial light.
Dark Requiem / Belgium, 2014
Closed for more than 40 years for safety reasons, this church is particularly dark and impressive. This once splendid organ has now become a perch for pigeons.
Prison addictions / France, 2015.
A very impressive church located in the heart of a big city. Fragile due to cracks in its structure, it was closed to the public many years ago. A rich, high and beautifully flooded church of light.
The shored parts alternate with the healthy parts. Behind these gates, protected from the passage of time, the baptismal fonts await new baptisms which will no doubt come again.
The missing believers / Private Funeral Chapel, France, 2015.
This Romanesque Revival style chapel is situated on the estate of a wealthy industrial family near the castle and family factories. It houses the tombs of the family.
Sweet hug under morning light / Franciscan Church, Italy, 2015.
Franciscan church of the 14th century. This church was the basis for the construction of a Neo-Gothic castle which hosted the queens of Italy. This building is closed to the public and difficult to access because of its isolation. The surroundings are full of snakes. The church is plunged into almost total darkness. This image is the result of a very long exposure.

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